Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Come to the zoo!
See all the chimps and the elephants too!

Hey there!
Come to the fair!
Bring the fried pies on the rides if you dare!

Hi ho!
Come to the show!
Gaze at the stage from the very front row!

Whoa now!
No way, no how!
Not going out 'til your pants are on. Wow.

Alligator Gladiator

Frogs and fishies everywhere,
From waters far and near.
Welcome to the Aquadome!
The Battle of the Year!

In this stream swims the challenger,
The aptly named Doc Croc.
He'll send you home in stitches
If you tumble off the dock.

And in this stream, the champion--
Give cheers for Captain Caiman!
He claws, he yanks, he's climbed the ranks
Of maulin' and of maimin'!

Get ready for the main event!
A brawl to rock the shores!
A mighty Reptile Rumble
With these Angry Archosaurs!

Oh wait--it seems our challenger
Has chomped the leading judge.
She scored him low the last time,
And it seems he held a grudge.

I guess we'll have to put it off
And have the battle later.
But check that smilin' crocodile--
He sure looks glad 'e ate 'er!