Thursday, May 22, 2014

Word Problems

Billy has two apples.
Johnny has two more.
If both of them eat half their apples,
Where’s the dinosaur?

Train A leaves from Baltimore
At ninety miles an hour.
How long ’til Train B
Feels even fresher in the shower?

Susie has ten pudding cups
But only seven spoons.
Watch as all the caterpillars
Build their own cocoons!

If two-fifths of a birthday cake
Is greater than a slice,
Give the wheel a spin and win
A chance to spin it twice!

All my students failed the test.
They’re not as smart as me!
Why, I can even write exams
While watching my TV!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Growing Out My Mustache

I’m growing out my mustache.
I haven’t shaved all year.
I’m growing out my mustache 
So it spreads from ear to ear.
Imagine how I’ll twirl it!
Imagine all the loops!
Just like a hairy roller coaster--
Hills and dives and swoops!
I may look like a garden gnome,
Or some cave dwelling troll.
I bet I’ll scare the neighbors
When I take my evening stroll.
I promise I’ll shampoo it
So it gets a golden sheen
The mousies who will nest there
Would appreciate it clean.
I’ll wear a mustache harness 
So it helps me bear the weight.
I’ll tie it in a bow-tie
When I go out on a date.
Sometimes I’ll trim it into shapes,
A facial topiary--
The Loch Ness Monster Mustache,
Seldom seen, but mighty scary!
When I curl up the edges,
I’ll have hangers for my shirts.
Oh my ginormous ‘stache will be
So beautiful it hurts!
I’m growing out my mustache
It’s the best idea I’ve had.
I haven’t shaved in seven months.
It’s half an inch--not bad!

The Weak End

Are you ready for the weak end,
Now that all your work is through?
Are you ready for the weak end?
Oh, it’s ready just for you!
Are you ready for the weak end?
Oh we’re sure to have such fun.
Hope you’re ready for the weak end,
Here it is.

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Crash!  Thud!  Splatter!  Boom!
Playtime up in junior’s room!
Smash!  Bang!  Shatter!  Tear!
Wonder what he’s doing there?
Stomp!  Whoosh!  Ripping Noise!
Guess it’s nothing--you know boys!
Maybe we should check--your turn!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

“It’s Mother’s Day--let Mommy sleep!”
Well, that’s what Daddy said.
But while she counted all her sheep,
I made breakfast in bed!

I cracked two eggs all by myself,
I stirred them into flour.
I got some sugar from the shelf,
For Super Sweetness Power!

I mixed up all the batter,
And I shook the sugar shaker.
I got the blue step-ladder
And got down the waffle maker.

I burned the first one, then one more,
But then I burned them less.
I squeezed an orange from the drawer
And made some juice . . . I guess.

I cut up some bananas
With my ninja-like technique.
I used that plate from Nana’s--
I was careful--it’s antique!

And now it’s time to shout out loud
And show her what I’ve done!
Oh, Mom will be so very proud
Of me, her honey-bun!

I’ll cry out “Happy Mother’s Day!”
She’ll hug me while she eats!
I made breakfast in bed!  Hooray!
Now someone change my sheets!