Sunday, November 29, 2009


Leftover turkey and leftover rolls,
Leftover green beans in leftover bowls.
Leftover stuffing and leftover rice,
Leftover pumpkin pie, leftover spice.
Leftover cranberries, leftover breads,
Leftover cousins in leftover beds.
Leftovers stay over past when they should.
But not sweet potatoes--I ate them up good!


I'm feeling very pickle-ish.
I've been this way all day!
And I'm not sure exactly what
Has made me feel this way!

I started fine, but now I'm green
And just a little lumpy.
And all the briny saltiness
Has made me extra grumpy.

I once was sweet, but now I'm sour.
It makes me rather ill.
Oh why must I be pickle-ish?
Come on now, what's the dill?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Your Self

Playground friends may come and go,

Pets may run away,

Teddy bears may venture outward

On their own someday.

Even favorite books may one day

Vanish from the shelf,

But you can be sure of this--

You’ll never lose your self.

From the day that you were born,

Til all your future time,

On every ocean that you sail

Or mountain that you climb,

Your self will be there with you,

A companion and a friend,

To cheer you on and guide you

From beginning to the end.

In times of laughing, times of sadness,

Times of desperate doubt,

Pay close attention to your self--

It always sorts things out.

So trust your self and love your self,

You’ll find that if you do,

A lot of other people

May begin to love you too.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

School Play

I’m going to a play tonight! 
My friend said that it’s out of sight! 
I sure hope that my friend is right— 
It costs eleven dollars!   

Now here I am, I’m at the play. 
My friends from school rehearsed all day! 
They learned exactly what to say, 
The whispers and the hollers.   

My friend said that the songs are good, 
And each kid in the neighborhood 
Learned all his lines just like he should, 
’Til every scene was tight.   

If only they had got someone 
To make sure that the lights were run, 
It would have been a lot more fun! 
It sure was out of sight!

The Man of Many Hats

I am The Man of Many Hats. 
I sell them in my shop. 
Just drop on in—I’m sure there’s one 
That’s perfect for your top!    

If you have got a favorite team, 
I’ve got the cap for you. 
Or buy them all to wear at once 
If any team will do.   

A red hat for a fireman, 
A cowgirl hat beside it, 
A black silk top hat with a tiny 
Bunny tucked inside it.   

There’s straw hats and adventure hats, 
And beanies with propellers. 
A thinking cap for algebra, 
And one for crummy splelers!   

This hat looks like a dragon’s tail, 
This one’s a rhino’s horn. 
This hat looks like the cutest 
Baby monkey ever born!   

This hat comes with a mini-fridge 
To keep your sandwich cold, 
And this one has a coffee maker— 
Mild, or extra bold?   

There’s top hats, elf hats, French berets, 
A jester hat, a bonnet, 
And one gigantic green one 
With a smiley face upon it.   

So come on down and try one on, 
And if you like it, take it! 
With oh so many hats to choose, 
Your head should not go naked!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Report

I have to write a book report,

The teacher said I should.

You know it really ain’t the sort

Of thing what I do good.

I do real good at breakin’ stuff

An’ eatin’ my dessert.

An’ I’m the king of playin’ rough

An’ fightin’ in the dirt.

But books is for dem other guys

Who stay inside and read.

Dey wear dose glasses on dere eyes

And watch dere noses bleed.

But if I gotta study some

I guess I better do it.

I’ll show dem all I ain’t so dumb.

No problem--nothin’ to it!

“I really really really really

Really like dis book.

I’m very very very very

Glad I took a look.

“Of both my books, dis book has been

The best book what I gots.

It was real fun to color in

And then connect the dots.”

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pet Parade!

We had a pet parade today,
It really was so neat!
My friends and all their animals
Marched up and down the street!

First Bobby McFurtle brought out his pet chicken,
And Clarence O’Flicken showed off his pet llama.
Then Lizzy Obama fed grapes to her lizard,
And Marlee McBlizzard jumped rope with her lemur.
Then Dominick Femur did tricks with his rhino,
And Sam Durndifyno swam laps with her orca.
My pal Peter Porka convinced his pet spider
To dance with Ken Krider and his brontosaurus.
At last, Billy Boris with his pet okapi,
Marched on with Sue Sloppy and her tiny turtle.

It really was a sight to see!
I watched it with my pup,
Then ran away, quick as could be—
No WAY I’m cleaning up!

My Wish

If I had a little magic,
Or a single super power,
I would make my little sister
Take a shorter, quicker shower!
’Cause I have to go so bad,
And she’s been in there for an hour!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dress Mess

There's nougat on my nicest shirt

And toffee on my tie,

That's chocolate there, it isn't dirt

That stained my sock supply.

This blobby ball of bluish goo

Resembles jelly beans.

I wonder how it got into

The pocket of my jeans.

I think this was a gummi fish,

And this might be a mint.

This red thing could be licorice

Beneath a lot of lint.

There's peanut butter on my pants

And ice cream on my vest.

I don't suppose I have a chance

Of ever getting dressed!

Whoever thought it might be good

To launder every sweet

Must not have fully understood

"Wash up before you eat."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Best If Read By...

This poem is expiring,
It’s starting to go bad.
The jokes are old, the rhymes are cold,
Its best days have been had.

It once was fresh and interesting,
With witty words galore,
But now it’s gone all moldy
Like a cheesy metaphor.

Where once were puns, there now are nones,
Where lines were tight, they sag.
The rhythm’s gone all bloated,
Like a big old inflated grocery store plastic bag.

And even rhymes that once were sharp
Have gone all forced and dull,
Just like the horns that still adorn
A worn-out, tired bull.

Oh read this poem quickly
While it’s still a bit inspired.
Oh please don’t wait—oh no, too late!
This poem just went bad.

Fashion Police

Oh please don’t wear your underpants
Where everyone can see ’em.
For if you do, I’ll take them to
The nearest art museum.
And right beside a sculpture
From the second century,
Your underpants will hang, stretched out
For everyone to see.
And even if they’re dirty,
Or in very bad condition,
I’ll keep them on display,
And charge a dollar for admission.
So keep them tucked down in your pants,
Be grateful that you’ve got ’em.
They’re not for show, I hope you know.
They’re there to hide your bottom!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Collect Them All!

When the lights came in my window

And the ground beneath me shook,

I’ll admit that I was nervous,

And I didn’t want to look.

When they beamed me to their spaceship

In the middle of the night,

I was slightly more than nervous--

I was paralyzed with fright!

When they tossed me to one side

Between some boxes and some jars,

And they hit the gas and headed back

To race between the stars,

Then I started to be curious

And wonder for a while.

Why on Earth would they come take me

Just to toss me in a pile?

So I peeked inside the boxes,

And undid a lid or three.

What I found was most surprising--

There was nothing else like me!

First a feathered Martian poodle

Licked me with its spiky tongue,

Then I chanced to meet a rainbow bee

Who whistled while he stung.

Then a purple pickled pepper

And a three-winged jumbo bat,

Plus a tree that grew spaghetti

And an average-looking cat.

There were napkin holders, magazines,

Some powdered beverage mix,

And the headline from a paper:

“Korkon Captures Xanthor Six!”

Then at last I came to figure out

The nature of this stunt--

This was not a real abduction,

But a space scavenger hunt!

I was just a random item,

Nothing special, nothing great,

Just a knick-knack or a doo-dad,

Like a “Sports Collectors’ Plate.”

I might never see my house again,

Or even Planet Earth,

Just to help some Martians win a prize

Of questionable worth.

Now I sit beside a trophy

And some old tortilla chips

In the closet of a dorm room

On the largest of their ships.

If I squint and stare into the stars

I might make out Earth’s Sun.

It’s so far away and tiny . . .

What the heck--at least we won!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

Tonight is daylight savings time,
I get an extra hour!
Just think what I could do with it!
Oh, tremble at my power!

Why, I could take my extra time
And make a time machine!
Then build the biggest army
That the world has ever seen!

An extra hour, just this once,
Could be the thing I need
To help me squash my enemies
Forever, yes indeed!

A bonus hour in my day,
My foes will swear and curse!
I’ll catch them off their guard, at last,
And rule the universe!

I’ll use this extra hour well,
My life will be complete!
Oh hey, looks like cartoons are on!
An extra hour—SWEET!

An Offer I Had To Refuse

I wanted to write about Mars Capone—
I thought it would be easy.
An alien gangster! I should have known
It would turn out way too cheesy.