Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hole in My Wall

There’s a hole in my wall, and it looks pretty neat.
My dad said it looks like a truck.
My sister said, “Looks like your big ugly feet.”
The baby just stared and said “Duck!”
My cousin said, “Looks like the wing of a plane,”
My grandpa said, “Who’s that old crone?”
My friend said it looks like an overgrown brain,
My brother said “Leave me alone.”
My weird Uncle Joe said “It looks like Marie
Who busted me out of the slammer.”
My mom said, “You know what it looks like to me?
It looks like I’m taking your hammer.”

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I’ve got such nasty hiccups!  Oh, they really make me s-hic!
It’s like a spell’s been cast upon me, or some dirty tr-hic!
I searched online to find a cure.  I gave the mouse a cl-hic!
It said to scare myself--I gave a big balloon a pr-hic!
But that just freaked my cat out.  Now she’s got a nervous t-hic!
I tried some other cures as well--I gave my nose a fl-hic!
I burned a candle at both ends and ate the blackened w-hic!
I tried to l-hic! a sl-hic! red br-hic! while on a pogo st-hic!
But nothing worked--oh, someone help me!  Fix these hiccups qu-hic!
Before I lose my self-control again and blaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!  Oh, ick.