Sunday, February 28, 2010

Advice from a Raccoon

Every time you order pizza,
Get an extra topping.
The heavier you make the pie,
The better chance for dropping!

Stairs to the Sky

It’s thirty below,
And I’m out in the snow,
And my nose is beginning to run.

I thought I would try
To build stairs to the sky,
But I’m really not having much fun!

I packed snow and ice,
And I smushed them down twice,
Then I piled up some more snow on top.

But every time I
Get a couple stairs high,
All the middles squish out with a plop!

If only I could,
I would build them up good,
Then go jumping around in the clouds.

Then I’d gather the stars
And I’d keep them in jars,
And I’d dazzle the gathering crowds.

But the snow just won’t stick.
Though it’s fluffy and thick,
It just melts in a mushy old mound.

Aw, who needs the sky?
It’s too blue and to high!
I’ll just build me some stairs to the ground!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


The stars and the planets,
The Jims and the Janets,
The baby giraffe at the zoo.

The clouds and the breezes,
The flowers and treeses,
And even your grandparents, too!

The birds on their perches,
The temples and churches,
The girl flying high on the swings.

The oceans and fishes,
And all of your wishes,
The blue on a butterfly’s wings.

The air up above,
And the people you love,
And some things that you never expected.

The runners, the dancers,
The questions and answers,
Yes, everything here is connected.

The ground needs the sky,
And the “you” needs the “I,”
As the seas rolling by need the land.

Just keep it in mind,
And in time you will find,
There is little you can’t understand.

New Sheriff

A brand new sheriff’s come to town,
He’s come to make things right.
He’s gonna lay the law right down
And help us sleep at night.

It seems some feller likes to howl
And scream the whole night through.
When only cats should get to prowl,
This rascal’s active too!

He’ll shake his bars, all wide awake,
And holler for release.
There’s not much more this town can take!
Oh, who will keep the peace?

Thank goodness that the sheriff’s here!
Just lay him down right there,
And give a quiet crib-side cheer
For Sheriff Teddy Bear!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black Jelly Beans

I do not like black jelly beans!
They’re evil, there’s no doubt!
I tried them once, but very quickly
Spat the darn things out!

I do not like black jelly beans!
They’re positively vile!
They look like precious gemstones,
But they taste like bathroom tile!

I do not like black jelly beans!
I hate the way they taste.
And still, it seems a crying shame
To let them go to waste!

I do not like black jelly beans!
Oh, what to do with those?
There simply are too many left
To cram them up my nose!

The dog ate one, but now he’s sick
And won’t go near the rest . . .
You wanna buy black jelly beans?
No, really . . . they’re the best!

Message from the Poems

No one stole us, no one ate us,
We were simply on hiatus,
While our author made an online video.

Go and watch it, go and click it,
And to help you out, we’ll stick it
In the post beneath, the bloggy box below.

Last Night With Koko!

Behold! My recently completed video "Last Night With Koko!" A salute to Conan O'Brien, complete with robots, puppets, and singing chickens. Enjoy! (Not necessarily for the littlest kids--one or two mildly adult words / jokes).