Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grandpa's Yard

I dug a hole in Grandpa's yard
While Grandpa was asleep.
A great big hole in Grandpa's yard—
I dug it good and deep.

There's got to be some treasure here
Beneath the dirt and stones.
Some buried box or secret stash—
I feel it in my bones!

A hidden trove of pirates' gold,
Or gems from foreign shores,
Or eggs and skulls and fossil teeth
From ancient dinosaurs!

Or maybe Grandpa's yard has got
A ship from outer space
That crashed and brought a friend for me
From some unheard-of race.

And so I'll dig up Grandpa's yard
Until I find the prize.
I'm pretty sure he knows it's there—
It can't be a surprise!

’Cause usually he's sleepy,
And his favorite sound's a yawn,
But if some kids are near his house,
He yells, "Get off my lawn!"

It must be something special,
Since he’s always on his guard.
I just can’t wait to find what’s lurking
Under Grandpa’s yard!


I'm just gonna sit here,
No need to get up.
I'm just gonna sit here
And stare at my cup.

It's so very restful
And peaceful, you know,
To stare at my cup
And just let my mind go.

Just let my mind wander
And roam far and free,
And stare at the cup
On the table by me.

On second thought, maybe
I'll go get a snack—
I think that my cup
Just began to stare back!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Everywhere that you look,
And some places you don’t,
There are fairies to see,
Though you probably won’t.

There are fairies on daisies
And fairies on trees,
There are fairies who play
Hide and seek with your keys.

There are fairies of fire
And fairies of night,
There are fairies who flip and fling
Flapjacks in flight.

There are fairies all over,
Yes fairies galore,
Switching price tags and signs
At the grocery store.

They are merry and mischievous,
Not often scary.
They wave their wildflowers
And trim topiary.

And oh, how they frolic!
And oh, how they dance!
And oh, how they laugh
When they loosen your pants!

Then they’re gone in a flash,
On their paper-thin wings,
Off to do more ridiculous
Wonderful things.

So the next time you lose
A good sock in the dryer
That shows up again in
Your music in choir,

Just give a good laugh,
And the next time, be wary.
Each day’s April Fools
To your neighborhood fairy.


No matter how much food I eat,
I keep on getting thinner.
I slim down with each little treat,
Each breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I ate a brownie yesterday,
And now my belt is loose.
Ten pounds of fat fell clean away
From just one chocolate mousse!

My sandwich overflows the bun—
A toothpick would be great.
But when I eat it, I’ll be one!
Oh, what a sticky fate!

And next week is Thanksgiving Day—
You know what that’s about.
If I can’t keep the snacks at bay,
I might turn inside out!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fritter Critters

It's snack time at last,
And my hunger is vast!
The growl of my tummy is vicious!

I think I'll make fritters
Shaped up into critters.
They're funny and cute and delicious!

I mix up the dough,
Roll it out—here we go!
All aboard for the critter express!

I make little dough-ears,
Then dough-whiskers, dough-rears,
Plus a big gloppy gooey dough-mess!

But at last I am done,
And I'm ready for fun!
I assemble the pieces and bits.

I make bunnies and squirrels,
I make piggies with pearls,
Fixing each fritter fleck where it fits.

I make hippos and snails,
And some prehensile tails
That I stick to the rump of each possum.

Then I dip them in fat,
Fry them up in a vat,
And I wait for my fritters to blossom.

In a minute or three
They are plump as can be,
And I know that my snacks are complete.

But my belly stays empty!
They look good and tempty,
But sadly, they're too cute to eat!


I'm brushing my teeth with my finger again.
It's something amusing to do, now and then.
I open the tube and I squeeze out the paste,
(But little by little, so none goes to waste).

I stretch out my finger and pile on the glop,
Then swish it around in my mouth 'til I stop.
I rub every molar and every incisor,
Then each wisdom tooth, so I'm sure to get wiser.

I scrub from the front to the back without fail,
Then scrape off my tongue with the tip of my nail.
At last when I'm sparkling and ready to quit,
I pull out my finger, then gargle and spit.

My finger-toothbrushing adventure is done.
The real fun, however, has barely begun.
My finger is minty and covered with slime,
And here comes my sister—it's face-touching time!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


I wonder why the grass is green.
I wonder why I’m not.
I wonder why the sunbeam is
My kitty’s favorite spot.

I wonder what a camel says.
I wonder where I’m going.
I wonder how to keep the
Bubble bath from overflowing.

I wonder if a maple tree
Tastes different than a pine.
I wonder where they store the stars
And how they make them shine.

I wonder why the clouds take shapes.
I wonder why they thunder.
And can you make potato cake?
And is it good? I wonder.

I wonder if the sheep get itchy
Wearing all that wool.
I wonder almost everything.
My life is wonder-full!

Play It

Play a violin
If you know where to begin.

Play a big old cello
If you’re feeling kind of mellow.

Play a silver flute
If you want to give a hoot.

Play a big bass drum
If you don’t want to be glum.

Play a shiny horn
If you’re happy you were born.

Play a new guitar
If you know just who you are.

Play a clarinet
If you don’t want to forget.

But please don’t play that gong,
’Til I’m finished with my song!