Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Day of School

It’s after six-thirty, get out of the bed!
You’ve had the whole summer to drool!
Put on that nice outfit and go comb your head--
It’s time for the first day of school!

I know that you’re nervous, we do this each year,
But trust me, it’s gonna be great!
The kids will adore you, there’s nothing to fear!
Now get in the car, ’cause we’re late!

Just go be yourself and I’m sure you’ll do well.
You always play nicely with others.
And if those mean girls keep on saying you smell,
Just tell me and I’ll call their mothers.

But what if they tease you and pull down your pants
And draw on your butt with a pen?
Oh sweetie, come on!  Make new friends!  Take a chance!
They won’t do the same things again!

Okay, here we are, get on out of the car.
Now don’t you look handsome and clever?
Oh, who wouldn’t like you?  My own special star!
The very best principal ever!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Miss Fortune

Come into my parlor and pull up a chair.
Sit down by the big crystal ball over there!
You seem a bit lost and quite troubled, my dear,
But I see your future--there’s nothing to fear!
The hands of the fates hover over our meeting,
So open your mind, and I’ll give you a reading.

☺︎ Good news is arriving today in the mail. ☺︎
☺︎ He who prepares not is destined to fail. ☺︎

☺︎ A journey of love and adventure is waiting. ☺︎
☺︎ A wise man takes action without hesitating. ☺︎

☺︎ Step out of the shadows--your future is sunny! ☺︎
☺︎ A friend needs your comfort--hold onto your money. ☺︎

☺︎ The higher the mountain, the better the view. ☺︎
☺︎ A pleasant surprise is soon coming to you. ☺︎

But wait, there is more from the realms of beyond.
Oh spirits!  Oh hear me!  I beg you, respond!

Your numbers are one, three, and seventeen--WOW!
In Chinese, a “Gooseberry” is “mí hóu táo”!

Oh, don’t you feel better?  Your fortune’s been told!
Now pay me and leave--my lo mein’s getting cold!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tow and Shell

Today’s the day for tow and shell, and all the glids are kad.
They cling to brass the troolest ceasures that they ever had!
Yoey brought a jo-jo that went stown upon its dring.
Plara brought her carrot that she taught to salk and ting.
Crankie brought his facing rar that treeds along the spack.
Tauna brought her shurtle with the dolka-botted pack.
Fougie brought his bather’s doxers with the hiant gole.
Gusan brought her sift from Clanta Saus--a cump of loal!
Tichard brought his beddy rear he nuddles every cight.
Dretchen brought her grawing of a knagon and a dright.
And me?  I didn’t thring a bing!  I just ratched all the west.
I’m buch too musy framming cor the teekly welling spest!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Door-to-Door Dan

Oh no one on earth is as gallant or grand
As Door-to-Door Dan with the Super-Sized Hand.
This salesman walks boldly from castle to shack,
Approaches the front door and gives it a whack.
The thunderous clap from his mountainous fist
Rings up to the heavens and cannot be missed!
As strong as an elephant, equally wide,
Dan’s mighty right hand calls the people inside.
They shudder in fear, but soon run to the door
To greet him before he can knock anymore.
Before they can squeak out the tiniest word,
Like “My, you’re surprisingly well-manicured!”
Dan crackles his knuckles, his fingers all twitch,
And swiftly and smoothly he starts up his pitch.
Dan lives like an emperor hawking his wares--
His patented line of front doorway repairs.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Fine Print

This coupon entitles the bearer to ice cream--
One single-dip-sugar-cone FREE!*

*This offer is limited, one to a customer,
No “coupon-back guarantee.”
Void where prohibited, void where illegal,
And void between ten and three-thirty.
Void if the coupon is copied or damaged
Or wrinkled or smelly or dirty.
The general manager at your location
May tell you the coupon’s declined.
If this is the case, fill out form seven-twenty,
And have it both witnessed and signed.
The offer of ice cream does not include toppings--
No sprinkles or peanuts or fudge,
No gummies or cookie crumbs, no little egg rolls,
And no swirls of “Mystery Sludge™”.
If there are no sugar cones, offer is canceled;
You can’t have a bowl or a waffle.
No chance of replacement if ice cream falls over,
But golly, that makes us feel awful!
There’s no guarantee you can pick your own flavor,
But trust us, we always choose well.
You’ll get “Nacho Madness” or “Barley EXPLOSION!”
(Whichever is hardest to sell).
No medical care or dry-cleaning is offered
If flavors may cause you to heave.
No loitering, lounging, or sitting at tables.
You get your free cone, and you leave.
If scoop size is greater than two-point-three inches
You may have to pay for a “Large.”**

**Free ice cream is subject to food tax and sales tax
And six-dollar handling charge.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Carnivore

We’re going back to school tonight,
Although the day is done.
We’re going back to school tonight
To have a lot of fun!
The teacher gave out passes
And she said what they are for.
Two hours after classes,
It’s the yearly Carnivore!
Though other kids may flee it,
Might pass out or just go pale,
I just can’t wait to see it!
Giant teeth and thrashing tail!
The teacher gave us tickets,
And she said there will be rides!
Be careful not to kick its
Spiky armor on the sides!
My friend won prizes at a game
At last year’s Carnivore.
I’m practicing my pitching aim
For “Dunk the Dinosaur.”
I heard there will be funnel cake,
And frozen ice cream treats.
That might give it a tummy ache--
It’s better off with meats.
The Carnivore!  It sounds so rad!
I’d better go prepare!
It sure beats what my last school had--
Just some old boring Fair.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Second String Knights

When there’s a fierce maid or a dragon to save,
The Round Table fights the good fights!
But when they are tired, or slightly less brave,
They send in the second string knights!

And sometimes they triumph and conquer in battle,
And sometimes their courage comes quicker,
But mostly they clamor and cower and prattle
And quarrel and squabble and bicker.

“I just had a lookout,” Sir Veyor confirms.
“The enemy’s taking position!”
“They’re not taking me!” old Sir Vivor affirms.
“I’m making it home from this mission!”

“I’m sure that they’ve got us,” Sir Rounded proclaims,
“They’ve gathered around on all sides!”
“How big is the circle?!” Sir Cumference exclaims.
“I just like to know,” he confides.

“There’s no way around them?” demands Sir Cumvent.
Sir Mountable claims “They’re too large!
We could pay them off if our gold is unspent!”
“Their fees are too high,” says Sir Charge.

Sir Passing declares, “I’m the bravest of all!
Most handsome and wise and genteel!”
Sir Prizes jumps out from behind a stone wall!
“Demonic Fish Pants!” yells Sir Real.

The enemy closes, the knights bicker on,
And no one’s a proper defender.
Until, as the evening gives way to the dawn,
They send in their last hope:  Sir Render.

Monday, July 7, 2014

It's No Picnic

If you go down in the woods today,
Oh, there’s a surprise for you!
If you go down in the woods today,
You’ll need your W-2.
For every bear who heeds the bear laws
Has coffee brewed and ink on his paws.
Today’s the day the teddy bears do their taxes!

Every teddy bear who’s been good
Is hoping for money back.
They’re filing early just like they should
To make the “No Audit” stack.
Upon the line, they date and they sign.
They hope next year the rate will decline.
Oh that’s the way the teddy bears do their taxes!

Taxes time for teddy bears!
The tired teddy bears are filling out tons of forms today!
Watch them write off fur repairs,
And claim exemptions for their fluff decay!
See them take a work expense--
Twelve bucks and forty cents
For tables and tiny chairs!
At six o’clock accountants and lawyers will take the forms away,
Because they’re due to the bear upstairs.

If you go down in the woods today, 
You’ll need a ledger and pen.
It’s frantic down in the woods today,
File all your receipts again!
For every bear from Ruxpin to Gund
Is hoping for a massive refund!
Today’s the day the teddy bears do their taxes!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

“It’s Independence Day, my boy,” the Glorb said to his son.
“The day we celebrate the freedom that our planet won!
We tell the well-remembered story of our Founding Goo,
And wear the planetary colors:  Fraxle, Klax, and Blue.
With voices loud and grobles raised in most triumphant manner,
We proudly sing our anthem, ‘The Corangle Spurkled Banner.’
And then the yearly picnic where we roast the captured meat,
Plus all the beer and zookle-on-the-cob that you can eat!”
And then he dipped his tentacle into a bowl of chips,
And pointed at the viewscreen, toward a fleet of Glorban ships.
The fleet had settled into place around a blue-green globe.
The broadcast was transmitted live by interstellar probe.
“And plus, I get a half day off!  It’s one of our new perks.
Now grab and drink and squish back down.  Here come the fireworks!”

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Ballad of Barbecue Dad

In the blistering heat of the sweltering sun,
By the best grill that money can buy,
Stands a man with a plan and a plate and a bun:
It’s Dad on the Fourth of July!

He stands tall and chipper, the flipper in hand,
Oh, no one cooks better or faster!
He’d match his grill skills with the best in the land!
His apron reads “Fear the GRILL MASTER!”

A grin curls his lip as he heads into battle,
He throws on the chicken and steaks.
The children grab plates and they line up like cattle,
When something above the earth quakes!

The sky has grown dark and the clouds have drawn in,
And yet, no one dares to complain.
Dad shakes his big head and he broadens his grin,
And says “It’s not going to rain.”

It rains.  How it rains!  Not a drop or a dozen,
But buckets and rivers and showers!
And every last sibling and uncle and cousin
Crowds into the kitchen and cowers.

Not Dad.  Oh, not Dad!  Not this hero of old,
This bold and invincible fella!
Before one hot coal has a chance to go cold,
He’s back with his mighty umbrella!

And there, underneath the magnificent dome
That says “Johnson’s Golfing Supplies,”
A conqueror stands, still defending his home,
The fury of war in his eyes!

The lightning!  The downpour!  The flooding!  The thunder!
The heat and the billows of smoke!
Just one small mistake, just the tiniest blunder,
And Grill Master surely will choke!

His apron is sopping, his eyebrows are dripping,
The smoke is obscuring his vision.
But Dad just keeps prodding and poking and flipping,
With laser-like speed and precision.

Until one by one each filet is well done,
Each drumstick is perfectly charred,
Each burger and wiener atop its own bun,
And Dad splashes through the backyard.

With grace and with skill he departs from the grill,
His trophy the topped off meat platter.
The Lord of the Manor!  The King of the Hill!
The Man with the Very Full Bladder!

“Ha ha!” Dad proclaims, “Feast your eyes on the feast!”
He lays down the triumph he brings.
He hopes for applause--an ovation at least--
But just then the front doorbell rings.

“Hooray!” cry the children!  “Thank God!” says Aunt Fran!
Dad falters a little and shivers.
He peers through the window and spies a white van
Marked “Paulie’s Pan Pizza Delivers!”

“I thought . . . just in case . . .” Mom begins to explain.
Dad drips from his toes to his collars.
“Oh, honey, my purse is at work.  Where’s my brain?
Can you give me forty-three dollars?”

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Nature Walk

Pine cone, pine cone, on the tree,
Do you have a wish for me?
Pebble, pebble, on the ground,
Do you know where love is found?
Flower, flower, blooming bright,
Take the wrongs and make them right.
Birdie, birdie, on my head,
Please go somewhere else instead.
Snaily, snaily, on my shoes,
Thanks for that long trail of ooze.
Pollen, pollen, on the breeze,
Here comes yet another sneeze!
Rain cloud, rain cloud, pouring down,
Still another mile to town!
Puddles, puddles, on the street,
Splashing through to soak my feet.
Front door, front door, now in view!
Do you know how I love you?
Scream that’s heard both far and wide--
House keys, house keys, locked inside.