Saturday, August 24, 2013

Thinker Toys

I asked my mom for Tinker-Toys,
I thought she understood.
But here’s a box of Thinker-Toys--
Oh, this does not look good!

Instead of spools and wheels and discs
And little wooden poles,
There’s just a stack of paper cards
With printed “Thinking Goals.”

Like “Think about the summer rain,”
And “Think about the breeze,”
And “If a honeycomb could talk,
What would it tell the bees?”

This one card says to “Think alone,”
And one says “Think together,”
And here’s a good one:  “Think about
The feelings of a feather.”

There’s “Think a little,” “Think a lot,”
And “Think of something more,”
And, naturally, there’s “Think of things
You’ve never thunk before.”

The “challenge” cards say “Think or Thwim™”
With riddles overboard!
But there’s no prize for winning,
‘Cause the thought’s its own reward.

And that is all--it’s just these cards!
The only other part
Is one small plastic “action” figure--
Some guy named Descartes.

I’m sure that Mom meant well with these,
Of that I have no doubt.
These Thinker-toys did make me think--
I think I’ll throw them out!


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  2. (I know you won't throw Descartes out, though)

    Your poem made me think.
    I'd never thought of Thinker-toys.
    I think I'll play with them once, before you throw them out.

    (Always clever and fun.)