Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I’ve got such nasty hiccups!  Oh, they really make me s-hic!
It’s like a spell’s been cast upon me, or some dirty tr-hic!
I searched online to find a cure.  I gave the mouse a cl-hic!
It said to scare myself--I gave a big balloon a pr-hic!
But that just freaked my cat out.  Now she’s got a nervous t-hic!
I tried some other cures as well--I gave my nose a fl-hic!
I burned a candle at both ends and ate the blackened w-hic!
I tried to l-hic! a sl-hic! red br-hic! while on a pogo st-hic!
But nothing worked--oh, someone help me!  Fix these hiccups qu-hic!
Before I lose my self-control again and blaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!  Oh, ick.

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