Friday, August 7, 2015

Buried Treasure Restaurant

Looking for a restaurant the family will enjoy?
A theme to please each grandma, grandpa, parent, girl, and boy?
Then come on down to "Buried Treasure," just off exit eight--
You'll get a map, a shovel, and an hour to fill your plate!
You start at Parrot Island--that's the hostess desk, of course--
Then follow Monkey River to the temple at its source. 
Retrieve the Key of Ages if the door is not ajar--
(Be careful of the dressing spill beside the salad bar)--
Then seven paces west inside the Shrine of Destiny,
Turn left beside the Waterfall of Doom near table three,
Then get your shovel out, my friend, and dig the Sandy Shore--
(Be careful not to dig too hard--we just re-did the floor).
And if you've followed carefully along the treasure map, 
Unravelled every riddle and avoided every trap,
You'll find the Golden Treasure buried deep below the sands--
The finest plate of onion rings in all the Hidden Lands!
No time to stop and eat them, for your quest has just begun--
You'll have to find your entree and dessert before you're done!
So come to "Buried Treasure" now before it's all been looted. 
The challenges are on the house, but tips are not included. 

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