Monday, October 12, 2015

Day Off

Hooray!  Hooray!  I’m off today!
No need to go to work!
It’s some dead big shot’s holiday—
A day to lounge and shirk!

An extra hour or two in bed,
Then breakfast on the couch.
Why put on pants?  I think, instead,
I’ll scratch and sag and slouch.

My “Elf Lord Seven” DVD
Has tons of bonus features.
I’ll settle in for hour three
Of “Building Squishy Creatures.”

And then a game show marathon,
And then two hours of “Friends."
Just sitting with my bathrobe on—
The wonder never ends!

And when my hunger comes on strong,
When my remote-hand quivers,
I’ll voice-dial and, before too long,
The Chinese place delivers!

And when my boss calls up to shriek,
All huffy, gruff, and mad,
To say the holiday’s next week,
Well, I won’t be too sad.

He’ll say if I don’t come in soon,
I can’t come in tomorrow.
Has anybody got cartoons
On Blu-Ray I can borrow?

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