Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Misfortune Cookies

☺︎ A great reward is waiting for your slightly racist cousin. ☺︎ 
☺︎ The wise man gets just one bad STD.  You get a dozen. ☺︎ 
☺︎ The journey of a thousand miles has not a single toilet. ☺︎ 
☺︎ Your toothbrush has been places, and you probably should boil it. ☺︎
☺︎ Your husband’s ex just had work done, and WOW she looks FANTASTIC! ☺︎ 
☺︎ In times of need, lean on your friends.  Oh wait, this one’s sarcastic. ☺︎ 
☺︎ The time approaches, very soon, to get your prostate checked. ☺︎ 
☺︎ A friend will compliment your looks, but she is incorrect. ☺︎ 
☺︎ Your daily number’s 666, plus 13 just for luck. ☺︎ 
☺︎ Now learn Chinese. Your phrase is "Nǐ hǎo làn."  It means "You suck!” ☺︎

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