Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stairs to the Sky

It’s thirty below,
And I’m out in the snow,
And my nose is beginning to run.

I thought I would try
To build stairs to the sky,
But I’m really not having much fun!

I packed snow and ice,
And I smushed them down twice,
Then I piled up some more snow on top.

But every time I
Get a couple stairs high,
All the middles squish out with a plop!

If only I could,
I would build them up good,
Then go jumping around in the clouds.

Then I’d gather the stars
And I’d keep them in jars,
And I’d dazzle the gathering crowds.

But the snow just won’t stick.
Though it’s fluffy and thick,
It just melts in a mushy old mound.

Aw, who needs the sky?
It’s too blue and to high!
I’ll just build me some stairs to the ground!


  1. When my grandson was two,(he's 20)he worked on a snow fort. When he had to fly home, he asked me to finish the fort. I said yes. Is there a statute of limitations on a snow fort, or do I still have time to finish?? (-;

  2. I think you should finish it and send him a picture. Eighteen years in the making! 8^)