Sunday, February 14, 2010


The stars and the planets,
The Jims and the Janets,
The baby giraffe at the zoo.

The clouds and the breezes,
The flowers and treeses,
And even your grandparents, too!

The birds on their perches,
The temples and churches,
The girl flying high on the swings.

The oceans and fishes,
And all of your wishes,
The blue on a butterfly’s wings.

The air up above,
And the people you love,
And some things that you never expected.

The runners, the dancers,
The questions and answers,
Yes, everything here is connected.

The ground needs the sky,
And the “you” needs the “I,”
As the seas rolling by need the land.

Just keep it in mind,
And in time you will find,
There is little you can’t understand.


  1. How interesting and thoughtful.
    You may even understand your grandparents,too.(-: