Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cap’n Stan’s Swoosh ’n’ Slide!

I got in the line
At a quarter-to-nine.
The sign said I’d wait twenty minutes.

“Cap’n Stan’s Swoosh ’n’ Slide!”
It’s the park’s newest ride!
I just couldn’t wait to begin it.

I watched and I waited,
I anticipated
The thrill that would grab me so soon.

But who could have guessed
I’d be stranded and stressed
And still waiting at quarter-to-noon?!

Well, I’m still hearing screams
Then a splash, so it seems
That the ride is at maximum power.

So why am I here
Behind some guy’s big rear,
Moving just a few inches each hour?

How I hate Cap’n Stan!
Oh, if only that man
Had designed a less interesting ride!

I could zoom through so fast,
And I’d have such a blast
With no crowds clogging up the inside!

But here I am stuck,
This is always my luck!
And the park’s only open ’til ten!

By the time I advance
I might not get a chance
To start over and ride it again!

1 comment:

  1. Oh Andy, been there...done that! And what about all those other rides I'm NOT riding either!