Sunday, July 11, 2010

Red Shirt Blues

At seven this morning 
The sirens were warning 
Our ship was approaching a planet.   

The shuttle was ready, 
But Captain Kirk said he 
Had not enough people to man it.   

Before I could scream 
I was part of the team, 
And we soared toward the planet below.   

Our shuttle set down 
On the outskirts of town 
Where the caverns gave off a strange glow.   

The pulses and waves 
That came out of the caves 
Were enough to make anyone run.   

But the captain, so bold, 
Strode ahead as he told 
Us to set all our weapons to “Stun.”   

It was then that I found, 
As I stared all around, 
I was lowest in rank on this mission!   

We had managed to land 
With the man in command, 
His best friend, and the ship’s top physician!   

With a gulp of despair, 
I at once was aware 
Of why I was along for the ride.   

And the cave kept on glowing 
With everyone knowing
Just who would be heading inside!   

Then with all eyes upon me, 
The cave just beyond me, 
I got an odd grin from the captain.   

Oh please change the station! 
Get me to salvation 
And out of this rerun I’m trapped in!


  1. Alas for the red-shirts! LOST has given me an even deeper appreciation for them than before. And I kinda gotta agree with John Locke that it may be a reflection on Kirk's command skills that he lets so many underlings get fried... Fantastic poem! I hope Shatner dug it! :)

  2. Thanks--I hope so too! I handed it too him while he signed my autograph. Nothing like saying "Here, Mr. Shatner, here's a poem I wrote" to get it good with the cool kids! ;^) I couldn't help it, though. I had written it two days before on a whim, and then I remembered that I was meeting Shatner--so I changed my generic non-trademarked Captain name (Captain Stan) back to Kirk for his benefit, and slipped it to him. Hope he got a chuckle!

  3. I bet he did. Contrary to many people who must slip Shatner their writings, you've got an imaginative poem that meshes with Star Trek!
    ...(I'm lovin' those reruns.)