Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Summit

Here at the summit it’s frosty and clear—
I am on top of it all!
This is the life for a true mountaineer,
Perched thirty thousand feet tall!

Look at the landscape—it’s tiny below!
Worries are lost in the breeze.
Each tiny moment goes by super slow,
Here up above the tall trees.

Nothing to bother me, nothing annoys,
My isolation’s complete.
Just a few frisbees and footballs and toys
Gathered around by my feet.

Off in the distance I hear a voice call,
“Inside!” it says, then starts countin’.
Oh climbing the roof was no trouble at all,
But it just might be tricky dis-mountain!

1 comment:

  1. Another tricky poem to LOVE.

    Weren't you in the Himalayas, "Perched thirty thousand feet tall!"?

    Having climbed up there on the roof, I concur, it IS tricky DIS-MOUNTAIN!