Monday, October 14, 2013

New Diet

I’m starting a new diet,
’Cause I’ve got to watch my weight.
You really ought to try it--
There’s a lot to fill your plate!

For breakfast I have scrambled ick,
As much as I can take in.
I wash the taste out nice and quick
With two thick strips of fakin’.

At lunch it’s sham and tease on lie--
It slightly burns the lips.
It goes down smoother if you try
A few fauxtato chips.

At dinnertime, I choose between
“Delightful Fricken’ Tacos”
Or--just as yummy, slightly green--
“De Frightful Chicken Mock-Os”

Before I go to bed, I bake
Some frownies, fresh and hot.
Or grab a frosty cold bilkshake,
It almost hits the spot!

I weigh in every afternoon--
It never helps my mood.
I hope the weight will come off soon--
I really need some FOOD!


  1. Scientifically speaking, the new diet should work!

  2. Whole and alternative grains, sprouted/soaked grains, honey and maple syrup, etc. while applying Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions research. Check out Sue Gregg's Desserts cookbook (and her yogurt pie!) and Meals in Minutes cookbook (a time-saving relief). fibromyalgia exercise