Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Cape & The Cowl

If you are a hero who stalks through the nights,
Who fights in tight tights for the citizens’ rights,
Then come grab a drink between crime-fighting flights!
Take a chair at The Cape & The Cowl.

Oh nowhere is there a Super-ior club.
The world’s finest heroes all parked in one pub!
There’s Hatman!  Blue Lightning!  Sue-Nami!  The Grub!
And a guy who’s dressed up like an owl!

Sit down for an hour--the city won’t mind.
Relax from the grind, rest your super behind!
Oh even your kind needs to breathe and unwind,
Though they never will throw in the towel.

Come drink and tell tales of your battles so proud,
The villains and scoundrels you’ve plowed and KA-POWed.
Just headlining heroes--no sidekicks allowed,
So feel free to unravel your scowl.

No alien robots, no psychotic clown,
Just heroes like you at the best bar in town!
No bar fights, of course, or you’ll tear the place down--
Our insurance provider will howl!

But come take a load off, coat-check all your gear,
And watch as your worries and cares disappear!
(The city is mine!  All will tremble with fear!)
Stay all night at The Cape & The Cowl!

1 comment:

  1. "Unravel your scowl". Very necessary, sometime!
    Love the concept.
    Love the rhythm.