Sunday, December 15, 2013

Looks Right To Me!

I have an idea that I’m trying to prove,
A simple idea that I hope you will love.
I’m writing a poem to boggle your senses,
To addle your noggin and fog up your lenses,
Where nothing makes sense as you think that it ought,
Where logical thought’s at a bit of a drought.
And so, if you listen, I’m hoping you’ll hear
The most nonsensey story that any can bear:

There once was a bison who lived in a prison--
He held a man hostage to pay for his postage.
But when he’d served seven and justice was even,
He fed a gorilla a yummy tortilla.
And then that old primate moved to a nice climate--
To warm southern nations with plentiful rations
Of comfortable clothing.  He chose to wear nothing.
He just took a flower and taped it on lower.
But this underwear was so nonlinear
That the flower’s fresh pollen made him get all swollen.
His mouth formed an oval, which showed disapproval.
He said a bad word, then he took up a sword,
And he gave a small cough, then he took cookie dough,
And he made a big boot, which he wore on his foot,
And he stomped all through nature, which wasn’t so mature.
Until a big wolf challenged him to play golf.
He was not afraid, so he dressed all in plaid,
And played a good match, ’til they met a Sasquatch.
They said “adios,” then they played radios
’Til they’d both had enough, now my poem is through.

And so there you have it, it’s nonsense galore,
As normal as pumpkin-spice-fish-cacciatore.
And though it makes sense like a truck on the ocean,
At least all the rhymes are so perfect and clean!

1 comment:

  1. My noggin IS addled, my lenses ARE fogged. Your poem DOES have my senses boggled. So THIS IS the most nonsensey story that any can bear, but with rhymes all perfect and clean.