Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ozzie the Elf

Way up at the Workshop, the one at the pole,
Where Santa holds limitless power,
There’s a vital employee--a wee little soul
Who works to the very last hour.

He doesn’t feed reindeer, he doesn’t make toys,
He doesn’t just spy from a shelf.
He points-clicks-and-ships all your last-minute Joys--
He’s Ozzie, the Online Store Elf.

In this day and age, Santa’s picked up the pace
And upgraded the whole operation.
A visit to shop.northpole lets you place
Countless orders to ship to each nation.

And who mans the laptop?  And who checks the stock?
And who does it all by himself?
Who tracks all the shipments real-time round-the-clock?
It’s Ozzie, the Online Store Elf!

The little-known savior of each Christmas Eve,
He’s got lots of guts, but no glory.
It’s Santa who gets all the kids to believe,
But Ozzie who checks inventory!

His candy-cane cubicle’s always aglow 
With light from his forty-two screens.
His team of twin servers-- On “Crasher!” On “Slow!”--
Are Santa’s most vital machines.

While Christmas Eve merriment greets other elves,
The online store just keeps on going.
Those pretty brown boxes won’t label themselves!
It’s Ozzie who keeps the flow flowing!

So let’s honor Ozzie with no more forgettings.
Let’s offer our hero a treat.
Just click “Accept Cookies” in your browser settings,
And send that elf something to eat!

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  1. We will ALL click "Accept Cookies" for that up to date elf!