Saturday, February 1, 2014

Real Estate?

Home for sale!  New listing!  Come and see it for yourselves!
Twelve big bedrooms, each with gold-encrusted built-in shelves!
Dining room seats eighty, there’s a full-size roller rink,
Kitchen’s got five ovens and a new self-cleaning sink!
Seven living rooms for every different kind of living--
Reading, lounging, chatting, games, plus three just for Thanksgiving!
Bowling alley in the basement, pool with water slide,
Hidden passage, spiral staircase, spinning teacup ride.
Robot arms above the bed for day-or-night massage,
Fully furnished dog apartment over the garage.
Secret second-level basement with a big arcade--
Tickets, ball pits, robot band, and pizza--freshly made!
Sixty-thousand or best offer!  Seller highly rated!
(Details may be changed, and may have been exaggerated).

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