Thursday, January 30, 2014

Zombie Joe's Employment

Are you a monster out of work?  No job for your enjoyment?
Well, come in for an interview at Zombie Joe’s Employment!
A full time staffing agency for monsters, beasts, and goons,
Plus creatures, freaks of nature, and grown men who watch cartoons.
We found a job for Bigfoot at a local winery.
He’s stomping down the grapes, and he’s as happy as can be!
We sent The Mummy to a high school where they need a nurse--
He’s always got a bandage and he’ll promise not to curse.
And Dracula does first-aid on a desert camping range.
You need a snakebite sucked out quick?  Well, that he can arrange!
The Wolfman is a guard-dog for the monthly full-moon dance,
The Yeti folds and presses all your mountain-climbing pants.
Old Frankenstein was tricky, ’cause his movements are so slow.
But he’s a great school crossing guard--he lurches to and fro.
The Loch Ness Monster came to us for help with something greater--
He’s bringing home the gold as an Olympic figure skater!
So come fill out some paperwork--it’s quicker than it seems.
At Zombie Joe’s Employment--Where We Help You Live Your Screams!™

1 comment:

  1. Surely Zombie Joe will have skill-suited jobs for my friends the "walking dead".