Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Birthday Cake?

Close your eyes and make a wish,
Blow out every candle,
Scoop a serving on your dish—
Not too much to handle!

Puddle-shaped and slightly goopy,
Melty, warm, and sticky.
Crusty outside, middle soupy,
Eating this is tricky!

Use a fork or use a spoon?
Try a spork instead!
Spreading like a food lagoon—
Sop it up with bread!

So much time to mix and bake,
And now it’s smeared upon ya—
Next year maybe wish for cake
Instead of a lasagna!

1 comment:

  1. Candles on a slosh of pasta is really hard to picture.
    Ground-up beef, cheese and slush--quite an awesome mixture!
    Blowing out perennial torches is a touted fixture.
    One deep breath then off you blow like some comedic trickster!