Saturday, December 31, 2016

End of the Year

You say this year was terrible,
The worst you've ever seen. 
Atrocious, vicious, unrelenting, 
Brutal, cruel, and mean. 
It took so many that you loved,
It broke you, let you down,
It snatched your smile and left in place
A fractured sour frown. 
And now you sigh and tell yourself,
"At least it's at an end!"
Another year, a fresh and clean one
Just around the bend.
But this year, too, is unforeseen,
Like all the other years,
A year of hardships, challenges,
Frustrations, toils, and tears. 
Yet each of those is balanced,
If you know the way to look,
With laughs, delights, and miracles 
Tucked deep in every nook. 
A penny by the riverside,
A night sky full of wonder. 
The bigger piece of apple pie,
The snow that comes with thunder. 
The spring you put into your step,
A smile you give a stranger,
The way you help the soggy worm
Escape the sidewalk danger. 
A joke you share with just one friend,
A song you share with all,
The way the breeze comes through the trees
To tell you when it's Fall. 
A taster spoon of ice cream
And another to be sure,
A hug that, even when it's done,
Will linger and endure. 
There's magic in the year ahead,
To find it's up to you. 
But gather up enough of it, 
It's sure to see you through. 

Happy New Year!

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