Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Isn't

It isn't the shopping, it isn't the snow,
It isn't the stockings all hung,
It isn't the carolers lined in a row,
It isn't the jolly songs sung.
It isn't the presents, it isn't the tree,
It isn't the star up above,
It isn't the specials on every TV. 
It's the love. 

Now, some say it's Santa, and some say his sleigh,
And some say it's reindeer or elves,
And, while they're important on each Christmas Day,
They don't do the job by themselves. 
Some say it's that T-Rex with laser gun feet,
The hottest new holiday toy!
But all of this stuff doesn't make it complete. 
It's the joy. 

It sure isn't gift bags of popcorn and toffee,
Or coupons for you and your kin,
It isn't your six dollar peppermint coffee,
It isn't the cup that it's in. 
It isn't the sweaters you wear when it's freezin',
Real Christmas means more, if you try.
It's peace in your heart that will outlast the season. 
Just peace, love, and joy. 

(And some pie). 

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