Sunday, May 23, 2010


A faded cape hangs on the wall, 
Red boots beneath the bed. 
Where once were power gloves, there sits 
A denture glass instead.   

The secret lairs with polar bears 
Were sold off years ago. 
The laser goggles, once so feared, 
Help clear the driveway snow.   

And all the planes and rocket cars 
That nobly served the mission 
Fulfilled a higher calling when 
They paid the kids’ tuition.   

And yet there still are foes to fight 
And battles left to wage. 
The city doesn’t sleep at night 
No matter what your age!   

Why, just the other day, he thought 
The fast food guy was rude. 
He gave him quite a lecture 
To improve his attitude.   

And one time at the grocery store, 
The bread was two days old! 
The ice cream freezer was too warm, 
The hot soup was too cold!   

To top it off, the “manager,” 
Could not be more than twenty! 
The old man stared him down and filled out 
Comment cards a-plenty!   

The neighbor’s dog is digging holes. 
The paperboy’s a liar. 
And someone’s got to right the wrongs— 
And heroes don’t retire.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, so cute. I've met some of these "Heroes" at the grocery store...MAYBE I AM ONE!