Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Were-Ant

Beware of the Were-Ant!
He’s under a curse!
He’s not like a Were-Wolf—
He’s seven times worse!

At night, when the moon
Has grown full in the sky,
He changes from being
A regular guy.

He grows extra legs
And some faceted eyes,
Then shrinks down to almost
Unseeable size!

He tunes his antennae,
He flexes his jaws,
Then pillages picnics
Without any pause!

The sweet midnight picnics
Of lovers in love
Are plagued by the beast
When the moon shines above!

He carries off cookies!
He rolls away roasts!
He sneaks off with sandwiches,
Takes off with toasts.

Your chips have no chance
When the Were-Ant’s around!
He carts them back home
Through a hole in the ground.

He never slows down,
And his stamina’s great!
He’s able to lift
Twenty times his own weight.

And when the next morning
Arrives with the dawn,
He’s human once more,
All stretched out on the lawn.

He’s always confused
When he sees all the food,
But he cuts off the part
That some insect has chewed,

Then he takes it inside
And he eats without stopping.
At least he won’t have
To go grocery shopping!


  1. I like the "Were-Ant Plan"! This is much less expensive than ordering on-line and having a truck deliver your food.

    For those of us who don't like to shop, but don't like to go hungry, this is perfect!...
    ...and VERY funny!

  2. Now this is truly scary!! :-P It also reminds me of one of my favorite Disney cartoons, with the ants taking all Donald's food... Great poem!