Sunday, October 17, 2010


Everywhere that you look,
And some places you don’t,
There are fairies to see,
Though you probably won’t.

There are fairies on daisies
And fairies on trees,
There are fairies who play
Hide and seek with your keys.

There are fairies of fire
And fairies of night,
There are fairies who flip and fling
Flapjacks in flight.

There are fairies all over,
Yes fairies galore,
Switching price tags and signs
At the grocery store.

They are merry and mischievous,
Not often scary.
They wave their wildflowers
And trim topiary.

And oh, how they frolic!
And oh, how they dance!
And oh, how they laugh
When they loosen your pants!

Then they’re gone in a flash,
On their paper-thin wings,
Off to do more ridiculous
Wonderful things.

So the next time you lose
A good sock in the dryer
That shows up again in
Your music in choir,

Just give a good laugh,
And the next time, be wary.
Each day’s April Fools
To your neighborhood fairy.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, I THOUGHT I was losing weight, BUT I did NOT know that FAIRIES like to loosen your pants! (-;