Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fritter Critters

It's snack time at last,
And my hunger is vast!
The growl of my tummy is vicious!

I think I'll make fritters
Shaped up into critters.
They're funny and cute and delicious!

I mix up the dough,
Roll it out—here we go!
All aboard for the critter express!

I make little dough-ears,
Then dough-whiskers, dough-rears,
Plus a big gloppy gooey dough-mess!

But at last I am done,
And I'm ready for fun!
I assemble the pieces and bits.

I make bunnies and squirrels,
I make piggies with pearls,
Fixing each fritter fleck where it fits.

I make hippos and snails,
And some prehensile tails
That I stick to the rump of each possum.

Then I dip them in fat,
Fry them up in a vat,
And I wait for my fritters to blossom.

In a minute or three
They are plump as can be,
And I know that my snacks are complete.

But my belly stays empty!
They look good and tempty,
But sadly, they're too cute to eat!

1 comment:

  1. Awwe, I've had that problem! Play with them 'til they're really dirty, then it's okay to eat them!!(-;