Sunday, October 10, 2010


I'm brushing my teeth with my finger again.
It's something amusing to do, now and then.
I open the tube and I squeeze out the paste,
(But little by little, so none goes to waste).

I stretch out my finger and pile on the glop,
Then swish it around in my mouth 'til I stop.
I rub every molar and every incisor,
Then each wisdom tooth, so I'm sure to get wiser.

I scrub from the front to the back without fail,
Then scrape off my tongue with the tip of my nail.
At last when I'm sparkling and ready to quit,
I pull out my finger, then gargle and spit.

My finger-toothbrushing adventure is done.
The real fun, however, has barely begun.
My finger is minty and covered with slime,
And here comes my sister—it's face-touching time!

1 comment:

  1. Sometime you have to be a little gross, to be alot funny!! (-;
    (...But your sister is so nice...)