Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pizza Pirates!

Avast, all me hearties, prepare to set sail!
Yer belly will thank ye without any fail!
The hungriest ship on the seven high seas,
It rolls over oceans for red sauce and cheese!

The Plunderin’ Pirates of Pizza are here
To loot all yer slices and then disappear!
The scurviest scoundrels are waitin’ aboard,
Each slicin’ up bread with an extra sharp sword.

They slather the slices with garlic and butter.
The Cap’n then sharpens his hook-pizza-cutter,
Preparin’ to gully and serve on a plate,
Those hot stolen pizzas—in pieces of eight!

He grins his sly grin as we land at the dock
And plunder the pizzas with awe and with shock!
We gobble each crumb ’til our bellies are weighty,
And then we have fun—and what fun we have, matey!

We loot all the tokens of glitterin' gold,
And ransack the place where the prizes are sold,
Then push all the birthday guests outta the way,
And skeeball and pinball ’til “Anchors Aweigh!”

So come be a pirate and plunder with glee!
It’s full of adventure, and refills are free!

1 comment:

  1. Where do I sign Cap'n, Sir?
    Ready I am, Matey, to plunder with glee!