Saturday, December 4, 2010


Down in the bog,
Where the water moves slow,
They tell of a frog
With a voice extra low.

From his looks you would think
That he’d make a small beep,
But he’d give you a wink,
Then he’d croak long and deep.

And the ground, it would rumble!
The trees, they would shake!
Your cookie would crumble,
And so would your cake!

And although he was small
As a grasshopper’s thumb,
His croak was the call
For the raindrops to come.

So tiny and stealthy,
This one little froggy
Kept all the bog healthy
And squishy and soggy!

It just goes to show you
That if you are small,
With no one below you,
The smallest of all,

You really do matter—
It’s really your choice!
So make the world gladder,
And raise up your voice!

1 comment:

  1. Fur sure! Li'l ol' me could make the ground rumble and that cookie crumble!