Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Dog's Mind

Someone rang the doorbell! 
A squirrel is at the park! 
I think I smell some hair gel! 
I guess I’ll have to BARK!   

A dog is on the TV! 
The yard is way too dark! 
A kitty looked right at me! 
Looks like I’ve got to BARK!   

The sky’s a bit too starry! 
The light bulb made a spark! 
Well, better safe than sorry— 
Here comes another BARK!   

Some carolers are singing! 
The herald angels!  Hark! 
Well, here is what I’m bringing— 
Glad tidings with a BARK!   

My barks are loud and leaping, 
In fair times or in fowl. 
But now that you are sleeping, 
I think it’s time to HOOWWWWL!

1 comment:

  1. You must have known and loved EVERY dog I've known and loved! Or else they're all delightfully the same! (-;