Saturday, April 23, 2011


My brand new television set
Is quite a revelation.
It’s got built-in Surround Smell™!
Every day’s a smellebration!

The cooking shows are fabulous—
Aromas waft with ease.
The sizzling scent of tacos
With a whiff of nacho cheese!

The travel network’s beaches smell
Just like a tropic ocean—
They’re salty, fresh, and fishy
With a touch of suntan lotion.

The game shows smell like hair gel,
And the talk shows smell like coffee.
That show with running lifeguards smells
A little Hasselhoffy.

Just sniff the science fiction shows—
They smell like outer space!
If you hook up your web cam,
Why, it smells just like your face!

I learned my lesson yesterday—
Steer clear of channel seven!
The Rotting Garbage Network
Stunk my house to highest heaven!

And don’t watch sports unless you like
The smell of dirt and sweat.
I haven’t dared to channel surf
The Wildlife Channel . . . yet.

But mostly I’ve been pleased as punch.
No TV could be greater!
So clear your nose and watch with me.
You’re busy? Smell ya later!

1 comment:

  1. ...No wonder poor ol' Hoff has problems.
    Andy, you're the King of Fun Words and Phrases!