Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Pun-ishing Picnic

I went down to the beach today
To run and swim and build and play,
But mostly what I went there for
Was just to picnic by the shore.
My friend said she would meet me there,
And lots of snackins we would share.
But somehow she forgot the food!
Her mental note had come unglued!

“Dear friend,” said I, “do not despair!”
I flopped down on the sand right there.
I waved my arms and legs just so,
Like making angels in the snow.
I rose to see what I had done,
Then fell to make another one.
I drew each friend a pointy hat,
And no, I did not stop at that!
I drew for each a broom to ride,
Then drew a tuba by her side.
And then I rubbed the tuba out
And drew each witch a frowny pout.

“My friend,” said I, “my work is done!
Our picnic time has just begun!
Although we have no chips or cheese,
No melon balls or lemon-freeze,
No burgers, shakes, or curly fries,
No cookies, cakes, or whoopee pies,
It seems we still have all we need
We’ll have our picnic, yes indeed!
We’ll sit down where the sand itches
With tuba-lonely sand-witches!”


  1. Awwe, you are still the ultimate "Li'l Kid" inside. And each "twist at the end" is more clever than the last. I love being happy, and your poems "make it so".

  2. Thanks! To me this one's kind of a groaner, but I'm pretty proud of the torturous pun. The best kind, I think.