Sunday, April 6, 2014

Summer Fun

Put on your bathing suit.
Take off those slippers.
Here is your snorkel,
And here are your flippers.
Smear on some sunscreeen,
Where is your hat?
Please take your swim goggles
Off of the cat!
Here’s a big towel,
And here’s your sunglasses.
What did I do with
Our public beach passes?
Blow up these water wings,
Pack up some juice.
Tighten your drawstring
So it won’t come loose.
Put on more sunscreen,
The dog licked it off.
If you wear nose plugs,
You won’t have to cough.
Go tell your brother
To get in the car.
Help find my car keys,
Wherever they are.
Go get your shovel 
To dig in the sand.
Oh, here’s my car keys!
They’re here in my hand!
Put on your seat belts!
We’re off with a ZOOM!
What?  Summer’s over?  
Well . . . go clean your room.

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