Sunday, April 27, 2014


Take a cup of chicken soup,
Add an artichoke,
Half a pound of taco meat,
Leave a while to soak.
Then a spoon of peanut butter
And some chocolate chips,
Seven oatmeal cookies,
And a pan of bacon drips.
Half a cup of Mango Madness
Juice-Free Fruity Drink™.
Also squeeze the sponge from
Underneath the kitchen sink.
Empty out the crushed red pepper--
Needs a little kick!
Throw in that leftover cheese
That made old Rover sick.
Bake it on five-hundred
For an hour and a quarter.
Frost it with a pudding skin,
With beans around the border.
Place it in the middle of
The special crystal dish.
Bring it to the table,
Light the candles, make a wish!
Watch him take a bite and say,
"The best I ever had!"
See him fighting back the teardrops?
Happy Birthday, Dad!

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