Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day

“It’s Mother’s Day--let Mommy sleep!”
Well, that’s what Daddy said.
But while she counted all her sheep,
I made breakfast in bed!

I cracked two eggs all by myself,
I stirred them into flour.
I got some sugar from the shelf,
For Super Sweetness Power!

I mixed up all the batter,
And I shook the sugar shaker.
I got the blue step-ladder
And got down the waffle maker.

I burned the first one, then one more,
But then I burned them less.
I squeezed an orange from the drawer
And made some juice . . . I guess.

I cut up some bananas
With my ninja-like technique.
I used that plate from Nana’s--
I was careful--it’s antique!

And now it’s time to shout out loud
And show her what I’ve done!
Oh, Mom will be so very proud
Of me, her honey-bun!

I’ll cry out “Happy Mother’s Day!”
She’ll hug me while she eats!
I made breakfast in bed!  Hooray!
Now someone change my sheets!

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