Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Brotherly Advice

I know that it's your first time to dress up for trick or treating.
I'll only pass this wisdom on just once, with no repeating.
So listen up, young brother in your superhero tights--
A monster stalks us in the dark on these enchanted nights. 
Be careful of the Phantom when we're out on Halloween.
He's dangerous and deadly, though he never has been seen.
You'll always sense his presence as you go from door to door,
He's always lurking, always hungry, always wanting more.
And as you walk the block with that thin mask upon your face,
You'll feel a movement near you as you swing your pillowcase.
You'll walk a little faster--half an instinct, half a hunch.
A rush of wind, a rustle, and a dread-inducing crunch!
And when you peer into your bag upon the neighbor's lawn,
The shock will stop you in your tracks--your candy is half gone!
You'll gape in horror at the awful slaughter that you're viewing,
And on the wind, you'll swear you hear the subtle sound of chewing.
And when Dad says, "Hey kids, let's go!  The night is just beginning!"
It's safer not to ask yourself the reason why he's grinning.

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