Monday, July 27, 2015

Previously On

Previously on "Space Crusader," Captain Stone was trapped!
The power matrix on the Starship Jefferson had snapped!
The Kastorax Armada had our noble crew surrounded!
The shields were losing power as the phase torpedoes pounded!
Meanwhile, across the galaxy, the Emperor of Tran
Was hatching his most underhanded evil master plan!
If he could sabotage the Matrix of All Time and Space,
The Galaxy would fall beneath his Reptile Master Race!
But little did he know that Doctor Phylo and his crew
Had found a wormhole to the other side of Sector Two!
And using this new shortcut, plus some subterfuge and tricks,
They'd laid a trap to send the Emperor to Sector Six!
On top of this, Commander Reilly and Lieutenant Steeple
Had broken their engagement and were seeing other people!
And Sub-Lieutenant Norrell had discovered that his cousin
Was married to a Labradon, with puppies by the dozen!
But unbeknownst to all of them, the Universe was tattered!
If no one patched the Threads of Time, then nothing really mattered!
If only the one Starship that could fix this situation
Could free itself from Queen Cortexa's Holo-Simulation!
And that's the recap--sorry, but it's all the time we've got.
Be sure to join us next week when we might advance the plot!

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