Thursday, June 2, 2016

Join The Band!

I'm strummin', he's thumbin'
We're hummin', becomin'
A purty magnificent band. 

I'm pluckin', she's shuckin' 
The chickens are cluckin'!
Oh come on and give us a hand!

I'm twangin', they're sangin',
The tots are pot-bangin',
The hound dogs are howlin' real low. 

It's you that we're missin'!
Come join the musicians
And be the best part of the show!

I'm shakin', he's quakin',
We're slappin' some bacon!
The hubcaps are takin' some hits. 

I'm scootin', she's flute-in',
But where's all the tootin'?!
Oh come make that noise from your pits!

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