Friday, June 17, 2016

So Much At Steak

“Oh, Waiter,” the customer called through the crowd,
“Oh why is the service so slow?!
I ordered my dinner,” he shouted out loud,
“Well over an hour ago!”

“Well, sir,” said the waiter “your steak's on its way,
But wait just a little while yet. 
We sometimes encounter a minor delay
To get the best steak we can get.”

“You see,” he continued, “we sent out our best,
A chef with a heart pure as gold. 
The daring young man ventured forth on a quest!
So brave, and so handsome and bold.”

“To pick up your steak he must climb a high mountain,
Then fight off marauders and thieves,
Then pull a gold piece from a magical fountain,
And sleep on a bed of blue leaves.”

“Before he returns, he must tumble and toss
With an army of demons and elves.
Then a dragon is guarding the Chef’s Secret Sauce--
We don't know the secret ourselves!”

“And that,” said the waiter “is why you must wait
A little bit more than the rest. 
A steak for the ages will soon fill your plate. 
The greatest! The legend! The best!”

“But why?” said the customer. “Why all this fuss?
It’s more than one diner should bear!”
“Why SIR,” said the waiter. “You asked it of us!
You ordered a steak ‘extra rare’!”

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