Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Fairy Godfather

Oh, poor Cinderella had nothing at all—
No dress and no jewels and no chance for the ball!
She shook her head sadly and started to cry,
When POOF! Standing there in a pressed shirt and tie
With a cool black fedora, a dozen gold rings,
Was a Fairy Godfather with tiny silk wings.
He made her an offer she couldn’t refuse—
A stylish new dress and some shiny new shoes—
Then said, with a tug on his fine tailored suit,
“Now hold on, 'cause here comes the rest of the loot!”
He pulled out two necklaces covered with gems,
Huge earrings, gold bracelets, and said “How ’bout dems?”
And when Cindy asked him the source of her luck?
“Don’t worry about it. They fell off a truck.
There’s more where that came from and no way to track ’em.
And hey—those two sisters—you want I should whack ’em?”
The grin on her face has been there ever since—
Forget that rich royal—she just found her prince!

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