Monday, June 19, 2017

The Number One “Number 2 Pencil”

It’s yellow!  It’s wood!
It writes like it should!
The world’s finest marking utensil!
It’s dark, it won’t smudge,
Oh its greatness won’t budge!
The number one “Number 2 pencil”!

On notepads? Fantastic!
Why, even on plastic!
It glides like the wind through a stencil.
It’s simply the best 
On each standardized test.
The number one “Number 2 pencil”!

It’s easy to grip it,
A monkey could slip it
Between his tail curls so prehensile.
The tip is well pointed,
It’s sacred, anointed,
The number one “Number 2 pencil”!

Just like the Round Table,
With wood firm and stable,
Not sloppy or floppy or tensile.
Its marks so defined
On blank paper or lined,
The number one “Number 2 pencil”!

A writing delight,
With its sharpness and might,
To last through a thousand harsh winters!
All others are scrap
When this pencil . . . OH, SNAP!
The number one . . . uh . . . big pile of splinters.

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