Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gourmet Cooking Night

It’s “Gourmet Cooking Night!” Hooray!
My family’s favorite treat.
When I help Mom and Dad come up
With something new to eat.

They start out plain and simple,
With a chicken or a roast,
But then they leave the room,
And that’s when I help out the most!

I open up the fridge and grab
Whatever’s most expedient,
Then close my eyes and throw it in—
The mystery ingredient!

One time we had a turkey
Stuffed with oatmeal cookie-dough,
And once we had some burgers
Topped with pudding over-flow.

Our sweet-potato casserole
Had week-old breaded snapper,
And nothing beats spaghetti
With an empty butter wrapper!

Tonight’s surprise appears to be,
As far as I can make out,
Lasagna filled with ice cream
Topped with last night’s Chinese take-out.

Oh Mom and Dad are always proud!
They take just one big bite,
Then take me out for pizza!
Yay for “Gourmet Cooking Night!”


  1. Mmmmm..... minty brisket.....

  2. Exactly. 8^)

    And the other one is from a time at Grandma and Pop's house when I had to go to the bathroom and I said that nobody should eat my raisins. They hid them, and I got really mad.

  3. Ahh, a little deviousness gets pizza!

    And your comment shows that mischievousness runs in the family! Good! (-;