Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Snail

You might not be aware, because he's less than one inch tall,

But crawling in your garden there's a danger to us all.

He plots and schemes while gliding on his slimy mucus trail.

Beware the hidden powers of The World's Most Evil Snail!

From deep inside his shell, (so lightly speckled, slightly swirled),

He hatches fiendish plans to cause the downfall of the world!

A treasure-trove of evil-doing dreams lurk in his mind,

With tools of terror tucked into the house on his behind.

Some dynamite, some dental floss, a bucket and a spoon,

A hula-hoop, two matches, and a poodle-shaped balloon.

The world will tremble when they face the weapons deep inside him.

His evil drives him on, and his antennae help to guide him.

If you can catch this Evil Snail, don't ever let him go.

He's on his way to rule the world, just really . . . r e a l l y . . . . . . . . s l o w.

1 comment:

  1. OH good, dark humor!
    I love this slow, yet evil, snail as much as
    j'aime ce chat qui est un chat tre`s bizarre et mauvais!