Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Book Report

I have to write a book report,

The teacher said I should.

You know it really ain’t the sort

Of thing what I do good.

I do real good at breakin’ stuff

An’ eatin’ my dessert.

An’ I’m the king of playin’ rough

An’ fightin’ in the dirt.

But books is for dem other guys

Who stay inside and read.

Dey wear dose glasses on dere eyes

And watch dere noses bleed.

But if I gotta study some

I guess I better do it.

I’ll show dem all I ain’t so dumb.

No problem--nothin’ to it!

“I really really really really

Really like dis book.

I’m very very very very

Glad I took a look.

“Of both my books, dis book has been

The best book what I gots.

It was real fun to color in

And then connect the dots.”

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