Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Man of Many Hats

I am The Man of Many Hats. 
I sell them in my shop. 
Just drop on in—I’m sure there’s one 
That’s perfect for your top!    

If you have got a favorite team, 
I’ve got the cap for you. 
Or buy them all to wear at once 
If any team will do.   

A red hat for a fireman, 
A cowgirl hat beside it, 
A black silk top hat with a tiny 
Bunny tucked inside it.   

There’s straw hats and adventure hats, 
And beanies with propellers. 
A thinking cap for algebra, 
And one for crummy splelers!   

This hat looks like a dragon’s tail, 
This one’s a rhino’s horn. 
This hat looks like the cutest 
Baby monkey ever born!   

This hat comes with a mini-fridge 
To keep your sandwich cold, 
And this one has a coffee maker— 
Mild, or extra bold?   

There’s top hats, elf hats, French berets, 
A jester hat, a bonnet, 
And one gigantic green one 
With a smiley face upon it.   

So come on down and try one on, 
And if you like it, take it! 
With oh so many hats to choose, 
Your head should not go naked!

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