Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pet Parade!

We had a pet parade today,
It really was so neat!
My friends and all their animals
Marched up and down the street!

First Bobby McFurtle brought out his pet chicken,
And Clarence O’Flicken showed off his pet llama.
Then Lizzy Obama fed grapes to her lizard,
And Marlee McBlizzard jumped rope with her lemur.
Then Dominick Femur did tricks with his rhino,
And Sam Durndifyno swam laps with her orca.
My pal Peter Porka convinced his pet spider
To dance with Ken Krider and his brontosaurus.
At last, Billy Boris with his pet okapi,
Marched on with Sue Sloppy and her tiny turtle.

It really was a sight to see!
I watched it with my pup,
Then ran away, quick as could be—
No WAY I’m cleaning up!


  1. Nice rhyming pattern in the second stanza! :)

  2. Thanks! Thought I'd try something unusual.

  3. Another whole kind of "twist"!
    Rhyming well done!